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Our Approach

What We Do

Connect Care Teams

Our platform allows permission based sharing and collaboration.  This can include patients themselves, family members, physicians, researchers, community based health workers or others involved in care.  The ability to control who sees what and when, facilitates multi disciplinary team access.

Disease Education

Educating patients on how to manage their disease can be a challenge.  We can help you provide consistent, comprehensive education to entire populations as well as the ability to interact directly when they need additional support.

Information Sharing

Our secure, portable platform stores health information with the ability to integrate with current EHR systems so physicians, nurses and other health team members know what's happening when patients are outside the hospital or clinic.

Biometric Tracking and Trending

Is a patient compliant with measuring blood glucose? Is their weight increasing because of fluid retention? Do supplements have an impact in the management of their disease and if so, positive or negative? Does a pregnant mother's diet  have an impact on her infant's first year of life? We can help you answer these and other questions that impact populations.

Health Disaster and Outbreak Management

Alert and educate patients on prevention in the event of an outbreak or surge in illness.  Communicate best practice to prevent the spread of a disease in real time and field questions, concerns or request for help.

Humanitarian and Crisis Care

Storing vital health information on a patient who may be receiving care for the first time, with no prior medical information available, can be a challenge. Sol Health allows you to easily create a secure portable record for a patient that can be accessed if complications arise in the future, even if a different system provides follow up care.